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Manda Nicole

Hello, I’m Manda Nicole

I’m currently what the internet calls a flexitarian. Flexitarians mainly eat a vegetarian diet with an occasional meat/fish meal. So, I’ll be posting all sorts of recipes. I will label which ones are vegetarian or vegan. I have a soy intolerance. I found out when I was a teenager and it’s been progressively getting worse. When I found out, my friend had pretty much just gone full vegan and had me try tofu ice cream. I thought it was pretty good and ate quite a bit. Well, when I was sleeping on her couch later that night, I got sharp pains in my abdomen. I had no idea what was going on. I explained everything I ate to my grandma the next day and she knew right away. “Great Grandma has a soy allergy.” I didn’t worry too much about it at the time. I continued to eat Japanese hibachi and other things with soy. I would sneak little bites of my friend’s tofu tod she would order at the Thai restaurant we have in town. For the most part, I was “okay.” Then I started to notice I was getting stomach aches when I ate salads. I told my dietitian and she told me that not everyone can handle all the fiber in some lettuce. I later realized that almost all the salad dressing in my local store had soy. I will post more about this later. I also tried to eat edamame once. That was not my brightest moment. I can still have a little soy sauce, but I try not to risk it. If you have an allergy or an intolerance like me, I feel for you. I hope this blog helps! I’m creating this blog to help people find information on soy-free living. I’ll be reviewing products, publishing recipes, and talking about different kinds of vegan protein sources. Welcome to my soy-free life.